5 Minutes With Kristin Addis

For McCool Travel’s 42nd travel profile, I am happy to present Kristin Addis. I recently discovered her website, Be My Travel Muse, and was instantly captivated. I was extremely fortunate to catch her at the right time and she graciously shared her thoughts for this profile.
Kristin’s bio (in her words):
“Kristin Addis is a former investment banker who sold all of her belongings and bid California goodbye in favor of traveling solo through Asia while searching for off-the-beaten path adventures. There’s almost nothing she won’t try and almost nowhere she won’t explore. You can find more of her musings at Be My Travel Muse.”

Kristin Addis, Be My Travel Muse
Kristin Addis

Kristin Addis

Torrance, California
Always in my luggage…
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…
That’s tough, but I’d say Berlin, which is about to become my new home, Pai in Thailand, and Black Rock City, Nevada
A favorite travel memory is…
The time I rode a scooter through the Vietnamese countryside and nearly everyone I passed flashed me a peace sign or ran out of their houses to say hello.
3 favorite travel brands…

  1. PacSafe
  2. Eagle Creek
  3. REI

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. eating street food
  2. staying in hostels
  3. haggling

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are…

  1. talking to anyone and everyone I meet
  2. eating new foods
  3. finding and visiting places most people have never heard of

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
compassion is key
My favorite non-travel website…
most memorable souvenir …
favorite cheap eat …
Bun Cha – a vietnamese noodle dish with pork spring rolls, sweet and vinegary fish sauce, and greens like mint and basil.

Thank you very much, Kristin.
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