5 Minutes With Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud

For McCool Travel’s 111th travel profile, I am happy to present Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud. Although we have followed each other on social media channels, I met Cathy in person in June on the Fathom cruise. Cathy was recently ranked #4 on the Top 1000 Travel Bloggers list; I particularly know that since I was #5. Get out of my way!
Cathy Merrifield’s bio: “Cathy’s love of travel and adventure has led her from the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to the beaches of the Azores, and everywhere in between. Her passion for travel is evident whether she is talking about her beloved White Mountains of New Hampshire or about an adventure across the globe. Cathy believes that you can make any trip an adventure, and her curiosity has led her to finding truly unique and “off the beaten path” experiences. Cathy shares with her readers tips, advice, and encouragement to find their strength and inner “ROAR.””

travel interview with Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud
Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud

Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud

Nashua, New Hampshire
Always in my luggage…
lucky leopard print bandanna, lots of snacks, and ear plugs
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

  1. The Azores is my all time favorite
  2. Vermont for local trips
  3. Tanzania stole my heart, too

A favorite travel memory is…
Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunrise was a life changing moment. We never planned on hiking one of the Seven Summits but couldn’t resist when the opportunity came up. It was the hardest physical and mental challenge we have faced. Through the sweat and tears we learned anything is possible when you never give up.

Frank and Cathy Merrifield atop Kilimanjaro, RoarLoud
Frank and Cathy Merrifield atop Kilimanjaro, RoarLoud

3 favorite travel brands…

  1. LifeStraw
  2. ExOfficio
  3. Viking River Cruise—though I haven’t been.. yet!

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. use your credit cards for every purchase to build up points faster
  2. hike every trip, great exercise and you will see more than from a car or bus
  3. ask locals for places to go and where to eat, much less expensive than tourist spots

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. exploring nature on a walk in town, hike in the mountains or mountain bike through the forest
  2. searching for street art
  3. finding out from locals the best places to see and eat

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
“Adventure near and far”—our motto

Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud on another adventure
Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud on another adventure

favorite non-travel website …
most memorable souvenir …
Wood carved moose from Dominican Republic—what are the chances of finding a moose in Dominican Republic!
recent discovery …
The incredible story of a community coming together for a school’s art program in Wynwood Miami.
I am fortunate to have met …
Matt of Expert Vagabond and Anna of Anna Everywhere in Boston—great to talk travel and blogging with both of them.
I would like to meet …
Vhils ( Alexandre Manuel Dias Farto)—street artist from Portugal. I’ve seen two of his pieces and I’d love to hear the stories behind them.

Street art on castle in Azores, Cathy Merrifield, RoarLoud
Street art on castle in Azores, Cathy Merrifield, RoarLoud


Thank you so much, Cathy, for taking a few minutes to share travel inspiration and tips.
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