5 Minutes With Tammilee Tillison

For McCool Travel’s 129th travel profile, I am happy to present Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips. I briefly met Tammilee at a travel conference many months ago but recently spent time with her as part of a group of writers covering Mardi Gras in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As you will see from the below photos, we had a fun time.
Tammilee Tillison’s bio: “Tammilee is the writer and creator behind Tammilee Tips—a lifestyle travel blog that shares amazing recipes, real life travel adventures, and the funny things that happen while traveling. Tammilee is often joined on her travels by her wonderful husband John, who owns ParkRangerJohn.com. Tammilee is a sunset hunter, chai tea addict, flip flop wearer, photographer, and crazy cat lady who loves exploring the world. This year Tammilee won two NATJA photography awards for her photos from Thailand and Lake Charles, Louisiana.”

McCool Travel interview with Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips
Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips – Mardi Gras Queen

Tammilee Tillison

Hometown …
I grew up in Tacoma, Washington and now live in Spokane, Washington
Always in my luggage …
my phone, my camera gear, and a comfy pair of Birkenstocks or flip flops
3 favorite home-away-from-home places …

  1. Hawaii
  2. a cruise ship
  3. Sanibel Island, Florida

A favorite travel memory is …
My husband proposing on the beach in Hawaii. He surprised me at sunset with my parents there to take pictures for us. It was one of those moments I will never forget.

McCool Travel interview with Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips
Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

3 favorite travel brands …

  1. Carnival Cruise Lines
  2. Alaska Airlines
  3. Viking River Cruise

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are …

  1. pause for a second before buying any souvenirs or random item and make sure I really need it or have a place for it
  2. use reward points and the Alaska Airlines credit card
  3. travel off season to amazing places to skip the crowds and high end prices of the busy season

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. laughing at the craziness that always happens while traveling
  2. playing on snapchat with the filters and funny faces
  3. living life to the fullest and seeing what happens

8 word (or less) travel mantra …
“Lean into the flow.” (random side note, I just got a wave tattoo that reminds me of this life mantra)
favorite non-travel website …
Amazon! Definitely not my best money saving tactic but I do like prime shipping
most memorable souvenir …
Other than my engagement ring probably the cuckoo clock we brought home from Germany this past year. It reminds me every hour on the hour of our trip and the joys of traveling together.

McCool Travel interview with Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips
Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

favorite cheap eat …
In-N-Out or Churros and tacos in Puerto Vallarta from the taco stands.
recent discovery …
That you can trade in electronics on Amazon for credit. Also Gazelle for turning in old phones for cash. Adding money to our travel fund while cleaning out my office.
I am fortunate to have met …
Amazing writers around the world who are living their dreams and not allowing people to tell them that it is crazy to travel for a living.
I would like to meet …
I would love to have a conversation with Oprah, Ellen, or Michelle Obama and talk about how they are inspiring the world to reach for their dreams and be better people.

Thank you so much, Tammilee, for taking a few minutes to share travel inspiration and tips.
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  1. Mardi Gras in Louisiana looks and sounds like a blast. Love the picture perfect proposal story too.

  2. Hi Charles,
    Love Tammilee’s story!
    I’d dig seeing her Thailand photos. Living in Chiang Mai now for a few months on a house sit.
    Cool note on the cuckoo clocks too. My mom was born in the Black Forrest and lived there until she was 5 years old. This is where they make cuckoo clocks, this specific region.
    Thanks for sharing.

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