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For McCool Travel’s 128th travel interview, I am happy to introduce you to Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek. Two of the friendliest people I have met, the HoneyTrek couple also have major accomplishments in the travel world. I recently saw them at the New York Times Travel Show, just before they announced their book deal with National Geographic. Congratulations, HoneyTrek.

HoneyTrek‘s bio: “Mike and Anne Howard left on their honeymoon in January 2012 and have been traveling the globe ever since on “The World’s Longest Honeymoon.” Using Anne’s background as a national magazine editor and Mike’s as a digital marketing executive and photographer, they created HoneyTrek.com to chronicle their journey to over 50 countries and show people how to mobilize their travel dreams.

Their unique journey, savvy tips, and engaging blog have been acclaimed by Washington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail, CBS, and more—including a recent Microsoft Windows’ TV ad campaign. Firm believers that love and travel make the world a better place, they continue to spread this message and their know-how as Smithsonian speakers and National Geographic authors; their book Ultimate Journeys for Two releases September 2017.”

Travel interview with HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard
HoneyTrek: Anne and Mike Howard in Antarctica

Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek

Hometown …

Anne: Hollywood, California
Mike: Poconos, Pennsylvania

Always in my luggage …

SteriPEN water purifier, our legit feather pillows (makes every bed feel like “home”), and a Mini power-strip

3 favorite home-away-from-home places …

  1. Mazatlán, Mexico
  2. Killington, Vermont
  3. Mali Lošinj, Croatia

A favorite travel memory is …

Motorbiking into the remote villages of Flores, Indonesia—going on the faith the we’d have a place to sleep that night and meet amazing people along the way. Better than finding a guest house, we happened upon an impromptu dance party, got invited to a Ramen noodle lunch with a Ngada elder, joined a village-wide hot springs bath session, laughed ourselves silly with a dozen kids playing tag, had a communal feast cooked over an open flame, and helped build a house for a pair of newlyweds by carrying rocks on our heads. This all happened in the span of an unforgettable 24 hours and would have never happened if we made reservations.

McCool Travel interview with HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel
HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard at the end of the world

3 favorite travel brands …

  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. TripIt
  3. Relais & Châteaux

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are …

  1. Mileage Hacking
  2. Housesitting
  3. Charles Schwab ATM card—refunds on fees from any ATM in the world

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. Rent a motorbike and roam
  2. Eat street food and chat up the patrons
  3. Buy local beers, find a sunset spot, and toast the day

8 word (or less) travel mantra …

Make every day a honeymoon.

McCool Travel interview with HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel
HoneyTrek: Anne and Mike Howard

favorite non-travel website …

SoulPancake You learn something and just feel good every time you watch their videos.

most memorable souvenir …

Our first stop on our honeymoon was the Brazilian Amazon. We hiked into the thick of the rainforest armed with a machete, slept in hammocks strung between trees, and caught piranhas for dinner, then showered in the same place we caught the flesh-eating fish. Our guide was a veritable jungle ninja and taught us legit survival skills, including how to whittle a blow-dart gun out of bamboo. We’re glad we never had to use it, but are proud to have it as a badge of honor and token of hard-core initiation into RTW travel.

favorite cheap eat …

Chaat Masala. This Nepalese street cart specialty is a tangy spicy potato and chickpea curry of sorts, served over mashed up samosas and costs 30 cents. Mmmmmm.

recent discovery …

SecretFlying.com. Amazing resource for crazy flight deals and error fares.

I am fortunate to have met …

MeetPlanGo…the long-term travel community (particularly founder Sherry Ott and Rainer Jenss) that helped us take the leap to travel around the world.

McCool Travel interview with HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard
HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard in Manaus jungle

Thank you so much, HoneyTrek, for taking a few minutes to share travel inspiration and tips.

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5 Minutes With HoneyTrek was first published on McCool Travel on March 7, 2017.

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