5 Minutes With Kara Franker

McCool Travel is excited to present tips from travel experts in our 5 Minutes interview series featuring travel industry giants, super frequent travelers, and adventurous persons.
For the newest profile, I am thrilled to present Kara Franker. She provided the following bio and responses:
“A lifestyle writer and travel blogger, Kara Franker covers the glitz and glam—lavish hotels, stylish designs, luxury real estate and not-to-miss events. A former NFL cheerleader turned lawyer, Kara ditched the courtroom for the opportunity to write stories and explore the world. A self-proclaimed beach addict, she resides in Miami and is the Entertainment & Luxury Insider for Visit Florida. She’s a regular contributor for HGTV’s Frontdoor.com, writes hotel reviews for Oyster.com and her work has been featured in various magazines and websites, as well as her blog: Kara On The Coast.”

Kara Franker
Kara Franker

I grew up in Lenexa, Kansas—which is just outside of Kansas City. ​I love the Midwest, but fled for the coast after college and have lived in Miami for the past seven years.
Always in my luggage…
My GoPro​ and my Samsung Galaxy Camera with built-in Wi-Fi
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

A favorite travel memory is…
Jumping off a 40-foot waterfall in a jungle in Costa Rica. I’ll never do it again (didn’t walk quite right for awhile afterward), but so worth the one-time jump and crazy experience.
3 favorite travel brands…

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  • I like to bring my own oatmeal (The Fresh Market Multigrain Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar With Pecans) and coffee (Starbucks Refresher Via Packets in Very Berry Hibiscus) with me wherever I go.
  • I watch for fare alerts and prefer to fly JetBlue or Southwest.
  • I also use a credit card for all my travel related purchases to stock up on points and perks.

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are…

  • Stay in fabulous hotels.
  • Try amazing new food.
  • Experience the city like a local.

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
Live better stories.
My favorite non-travel website…
most memorable souvenir …
Port Wine from Porto, Portugal. ​
favorite cheap eat …
The burger at Woody’s in St. John, USVI.
recent discovery …
In Bimini the locals harvest conch, but throw out the shells, so there are piles and piles of empty gorgeous pink and white conch shells that line the coast.

Kara Franker
Kara Franker

Thank you, Kara, for sharing your thoughts with McCool Travel and may you have countless more memorable travel adventures!
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