5 Minutes With Amy Lynne Hayes

Amy Lynne Hayes impressed me in various Twitter chats, with her passion and knowledge of many places around the world. I learned Amy did four separate study abroad sessions in college (yes, FOUR), followed by living in Paris for three years and Melbourne, Australia the next year. Wow.
Amy describes herself:
Artist, designer, writer, avid traveler, blogger… to name a few. I myself prefer the title “creative cocktail” to describe my diverse interests and pursuits. Variety is the spice of life, so they say.

Amy Lynne Hayes
Amy Lynne Hayes


Amy Lynne Hayes

Palm City, Florida
Always in my luggage…
On every trip I must bring my iPad. I simply must have something to read, and ebooks allow me to carry far more options! My favorite perfume (currently Ma Chèrie by Dior) to help with lingering airplane/train odors and a pair of really comfortable shoes—because I get blisters in everything!
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…
London, Paris and Melbourne, Australia. I called each home for a period of my life.
A favorite travel memory is…
I should feel fortunate here, because there are simply too many to choose from! I’d have to say spending 10 days sailing the Greek islands by sailboat was pretty special.
3 favorite travel brands…

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  • eating take-out or shopping in local grocery stores instead of eating in restaurants
  • being extremely flexible with my flight options (even if it means extended layovers – more time to explore!)
  • staying with friends at my destinations, if possible

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are…

  • exploring a new city without map and without a timetable
  • sampling as many different local food specialities as possible
  • depending on location, some sort of adventure experience. Such as renting 4-wheelers in Mykonos and taking them for a spin around the island.

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
Experiences are more valuable than material goods.
most memorable souvenir …
I don’t generally buy souvenirs, but I did buy a pair of really cool balloon-y pants in the market in Athens. Makes me feel like I’m back roaming through those stalls every time I wear them. ​
favorite cheap eat …
L’As du Fallafel in the 4th arrondissement in Paris. You can take your falafel to go for 5 euro and eat it nearby in Place des Vosges.
recent discovery …
The beaches of my hometown. I always knew they were there growing up, but I didn’t really appreciate them. My new favorite weekend activity is heading over to the coast and spending my morning in the surf and sand. Guess you don’t really need to go far to discover something new.
I am fortunate to have met:
So many amazing friends scattered all throughout the world. Every trip seems to bring me into contact with another travel “soulmate.”
I would like to meet:
Anyone and everyone who happens to cross my path. I’m pretty laid-back in that way!

Thank you, Amy. May you have countless more memorable travel adventures!
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