5 Minutes With Dennis Littley of Ask Chef Dennis

For McCool Travel’s 138th travel interview, I am pleased to present Chef Dennis Littley from Ask Chef Dennis. I met him at the closing social event at the recent TBEX travel conference in Huntsville, Alabama, where my hands and face were halfway into a plate of Asian ribs. Dennis was gracious enough to not flee our table and I am inspired by his social media influence. Here is more from the legend.
Chef Dennis Littley‘s bio: “Retired Chef and Culinary Instructor, beginning a second career as a food and travel blogger. Chef Dennis is a highly regarded Social Media Influencer with 1.3 million social followers with a Klout score of 81. He is consistently ranked in the top 15 of Social Media Influencers by Rise Marketing and in the top 1% of Trip Advisor reviewers. Chef Dennis also serves as Brand Ambassador and is a Live Streaming authority speaking at conferences around the country. ”

travel interview with Chef Dennis K. Littley of Ask Chef Dennis
Chef Dennis hamming it up at The Boathouse

Dennis Littley of Ask Chef Dennis

Hometown …
San Antonio, Texas currently living in Kissimmee, Florida
Always in my luggage …
My Kindle, I am an avid reader and use the time reading to recharge.
3 favorite home-away-from-home places …

  1. Clearwater Beach
  2. Paris
  3. Rome

A favorite travel memory is …
Sitting on the Grand Canal in Venice for the Turn of the Millennium
3 money-saving travel tactics I use (before trips) are …

  1. I try not to get sucked into the tourist trap, things are always more expensive for tourists.
  2. Plan your trip and know where you’re going so hotels, meals and transportation are priced reasonably.
  3. Look for museum passes, transit passes and any other local money saving options.
travel interview with Chef Dennis K. Littley of Ask Chef Dennis
Chef Dennis seeing the local sights

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. explore the area I’m in
  2. eat where the locals eat
  3. I always travel with my wife

8 word (or less) travel mantra …
Traveling Makes Memories that last a lifetime.”
favorite non-travel website …
Amazon, I buy everything there!

travel interview with Chef Dennis K. Littley of Ask Chef Dennis
Chef Dennis and Chef Bob

most memorable souvenir …
a can of air freshener from my first trip to Paris (its a long story)
favorite cheap eat …
Tarks of Dania Beach
travel interview with Chef Dennis K. Littley of Ask Chef Dennis
recent discovery …
Huntville, Alabama
I am fortunate to have met …
my wife
I would like to meet …
Ellen Degeneres

travel interview with Chef Dennis K. Littley of Ask Chef Dennis
Chef Dennis and wife Lisa

Thank you so much, Dennis, for taking a few minutes to share your travel inspiration and tips.
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  2. So glad to see this interview. I’ve been reading some posts by Chef Dennis and glad to get to know more about him. I’m very curious about that Paris air freshener story. Maybe he’ll share the details sometime.

  3. What a pleasure to meet Chef Dennis Littley, though I’d never heard of him before. I see he resides in San Antonio so will keep my eyes open for his restaurant when I visit my daughter there in September.

  4. So glad to learn more about Chef Dennis in your interview. I always enjoy seeing what he is eating-even when it’s carnivorous! His generosity on social media is something I really appreciate.

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