5 Minutes With Darley Newman

For McCool Travel’s 98th travel interview, I am happy to present Darley Newman. Darley is a television travel show host—like some previous McCool Travel profile subjects, including Samantha Brown, Josh GatesRachel Rudwall, and Andrea Feczko.

Her show, Travels with Darley, recently launched on PBS stations across the United States. Darley Newman is not new to the camera, as she has traveled the world on horseback for her show Equitrekking, which has won an Emmy award.

Darley Newman’s bio:

“Widely recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her on-camera guests, TV host, producer, author, and entrepreneur Darley Newman travels the globe for Emmy-Award winning TV and digital series through her production company DCN Creative. She is the host, producer and creator of Equitrekkingwhich broadcasts on PBS and networks in over 85 countries, and Travels with Darley, which launched on PBS stations in early 2016. Online since 2014 as a Featured Partner on AOL, Travels with Darley is also distributed through MSN TravelAmazon Shorts, Huffington Post, DailyMotion, and over 2000 other partner sites.”

5 Minutes with Darley Newman
Darley Newman with Meerkats in Botswana

Darley Newman


Born in Washington, DC, raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Always in my luggage…

Sunscreen, iphone, granola bars

3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

  1. Florence, Italy
  2. New York, New York
  3. Seville, Spain

A favorite travel memory is…

Star gazing on the Makgadikadi Pans, one of the world’s largest salt pans, in Botswana, Africa, and then camping out. It’s an experience that puts our earth and life in perspective. Amazing!

3 favorite travel brands…


5 Minutes with Darley Newman
Darley Newman in Alaska

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. find out where the locals eat and avoid restaurants on the main tourist drag
  2. use public transportation wherever possible
  3. book slightly off season and take advantage of last minute deals

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. Get lost. I love walking anywhere (or riding) and finding authentic travel destinations and then soaking and savoring them to the fullest.
  2. Listen. I truly enjoy hearing about other people’s past, present and future. It’s a good chance to really get to know a place and culture.
  3. Eat. Trying new foods and drinks on my travels brings a destination to life, so does reliving it by sharing the recipes at home with friends.

8 word (or less) travel mantra…

“Find a local for a life changing adventure.”

5 Minutes with Darley Newman
Darley Newman in Jordan

favorite non-travel website …

The New Yorker

most memorable souvenir …

Gaucho belt from Uruguay

favorite cheap eat …

Mac n Cheese

recent discovery …

Colombian coffee. So good.

I am fortunate to have met …

The San in Botswana

5 Minutes with Darley Newman
Darley Newman in The Moors, England

Thank you very much, Darley, for taking a few minutes to share your travel inspiration and tips.

Follow Darley Newman on FacebookTwitter, and her websites: TravelsWithDarley, and Equitrekking.

McCool Travel presents tips from travel experts in our 5 Minutes interview series—featuring travel industry giants, super frequent travelers, and adventurous persons. Previous 5 Minutes interview: Lori Moreno.

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  1. I am totally inspired after reading Darley’s interview. What she said about communicating with a local, it can really change your life. This comes from personal experience so she’s definitely right!

  2. Very interesting perspective on travel from Darley, yes real travel for me would be imbibing the spirit of the place through exploring and local interactions

  3. I think my favorite tip is “get lost”. I totally agree with that; some of my best travel memories were just happened to be found while out wandering!

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