5 Minutes With Jean Newman Glock

For McCool Travel’s 92nd travel profile, I am excited to present Jean Newman Glock. I first heard about Jean from the Travel and Leisure magazine annual list of travel advisors and then I found her online. I am honored and thrilled that Jean Newman Glock shared some travel tips, memories, and inspiration with me.
Jean’s bio:
“Jean Newman Glock was recently honored to be named one of the top 10 leading experts and influencers on travel worldwide by Klout, the leading measure of social media influence. She is a travel writer for a hyper-connected world and works with travel suppliers and destinations to promote travel and tourism. She is also a consultant for Signature Travel Network. Jean became a travel writer following 17 years managing the international travel program of the Smithsonian Institution (over 300 departures yearly) and the student travel program. She has been honored to be listed on Travel and Leisure’s A List for 2013 and 2014 and has published articles in National Geographic Traveler and the Huffington Post. She is President of JNGWorldwide.”

jean newman glock
Jean Newman Glock

Jean Newman Glock

Alexandria, Virginia
Always in my luggage…
Too much tech. Chargers, adapters, MacPro, cell phone(s), camera(s). For my packing to shift to more tech than clothes is quantum shift for me…a clotheshound.
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

  1. Anywhere in the UK, my daughter lives in London
  2. Egypt…always
  3. Russia. Visited Russia 5 times in the past 14 months. So much history, can’t get enough.

A favorite travel memory is…
Meeting with ex-President Morsi at the Presidential Palace in Cairo as part of a joint State Department, Chamber of Commerce and White House Business Mission to Egypt in September 2012. Meeting with all Egyptian and American officials to help promote tourism post Arab Spring was a highlight. The next day was then the lowest as the riots erupted in Cairo and tragically in Benghazi and all plans were placed on hold.

Jean Newman Glock
Jean Newman Glock in Cairo

3 favorite travel brands…
I love innovative brands that focus on experiencing a destination. During my 17 years with the Smithsonian and subsequent career as a Travel Writer, I have been privileged to work with almost all of major luxury suppliers so had a broad taste of all. I choose a few that I love to work with each year. Highlights of past 12 months were:

  1. my Around the World by Private Jet with TCS World Travel,
  2. Russia, several times with Viking Cruise Lines,
  3. a great Baltic Sea cruise with Azamara Club Cruises, and
  4. always my travels with author and historian, Alison Weir who takes me on trips through history.

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. shop in local groceries and eat picnics…everywhere
  2. maximize points for air travel
  3. and my TOP tactic is to work with a Travel Agent…They can always find the best value on any travel needs. They have the best prices, but equally important to me they save me time. Who doesn’t want someone else monitoring your flights, rebooking connections when delayed and letting hotels know your favorite coffee…with cream to have on hand on arrival? I know where I want to travel and stay but my agent is my personal concierge, who makes it all seamless.

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
Be nimble, the best experiences are never planned. 

Jean Newman Glock in Russia
Jean Newman Glock in Russia

Favorite non-travel website …
Daily Mail. People Magazine on steroids, pure unadulterated gossip, but they also break news faster than anywhere else…some true some retracted at times. Love it, a guilty pleasure.
Most memorable souvenir …
Handmade necklace my wonderful National Guide made for me after spending a month with her in Egypt.
Favorite cheap eat …
Always cheese, bread and wine—from wherever I am.
Recent discovery …
An abandoned Romanov Palace on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, almost untouched since the revolution. Also, the untouched playhouse of the children of Nicolas II on the grounds of Alexandar Park in Pushkin.

Playhouse of children of Nicolas II in Russia
Playhouse of children of Nicolas II in Russia

I am fortunate to have met …
So many people passionate about sharing their countries and cultures. I am privileged to have visited almost every country in the world..most many times and it is the people that I remember and their stories more that the sites.

Thank you very much, Jean, for taking the time to share your travel inspiration and tips.
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  1. I feel so inadequate now :)) I have read a lot of things that Jean has written, though she wouldn’t know me. I admire her professionally that is for sure, and Charles, do get us all in the one room so I can meet her in person; and the other people you have interviewed. That would be a feat and I have no doubt that you can do this.

  2. I am with Jean on Egypt – absolutely the one must-see destination in the world. Russia is on our list too. We almost made it once but illness and small children made it difficult and we put it off only to find that it is 20 years later and we still haven’t been there.

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