5 Minutes With Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

For McCool Travel’s 143rd travel interview, I am happy to introduce you to the lovely Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington. We met on my first Viking cruise, in Barcelona, and then a couple of other times (but definitely not enough). Jennifer has recently been appearing frequently on Canadian TV, providing travel inspiration and tips. Hey, I should do that!
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington‘s bio: “With a background in journalism, fashion and beauty, Jennifer has travelled to over 60 countries, reviewing some of the world’s most luxurious properties and destinations, while finding hidden gems and amazing experiences. Her byline has appeared in ELLE Canada, HELLO!, Metro News, jetsetter.com, Style at Home, HGTV.ca, and more. Jennifer’s 10 plus years of experience in the travel industry has made her a travel expert in Canada, with regular national TV appearances on CTV’s Your Morning, The Social, CP24’s Breaking News, and across radio.”

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Hometown …

Upper Rawdon, Nova Scotia, but I currently live in Toronto, Ontario.
Always in my luggage …
iPhone, Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, Saje peppermint halo (to keep jet lag and headaches away), a light-weight scarf, earplugs, and multiple iPhone chargers (because I will lose one of them. Guaranteed).
3 favorite home-away-from-home places …

  1. New York because it’s such an easy and short flight to get there on a whim.
  2. London, UK because I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been there and I know it like the back of my hand.
  3. And finally, Ireland… the coastline and small fishing villages remind me of growing up in Nova Scotia, so I immediately feel at ease and at home anywhere in Ireland.

A favorite travel memory is …
It’s a toss up between my first high school trip to England—because it was the beginning of my love of travel—the first time I saw a herd of elephants in Kenya —changed my life in the sense that I became a huge animal advocate after that trip—and my second trip to Peru and seeing the stars and the sunset over Isla Sausi on Lake Titicaca… that was just magical!

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine

3 favorite travel brands …

  1. Rimowa
  2. Saje
  3. TP-Link (for a battery pack for my phone)

3 money-saving travel tactics I use (before trips) are …

  1. Buying sim cards for different destinations (Canadian cell phone data plans are horrible when roaming!)
  2. I always bring my own snacks (I’m vegetarian and someone who is hungry all the time, so they come in handy!)
  3. I only do carry-on (save money on baggage fees and time not waiting for my luggage to arrive!)

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. Keeping a day or some time schedule-free so I can wander without a plan (I find I come across the best cafes, restaurants and photo ops on days that I’m not expecting to!)
  2. I definitely need a night out in any location… it’s a great way to meet new people and try to soak up local nightlife
  3. And travelling with friends… it’s always great to share the adventure with someone else!

8 word (or less) travel mantra …
Give everything a second chance. I say this because I have been to quite a few places where my first visit didn’t go as planned or so well because of circumstances, or people, or weather, etc. But on second visits I’ll have a completely different experience and I could end up loving it.

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington in Georgetown, Washington, DC

favorite non-travel website …
Fave non-travel website is refinery29.com to keep up on my celeb, fashion, and beauty news.
favorite souvenir …
I don’t buy much when I travel anymore but I have a hammered ring from Kenya that I love and brings back great memories. I also have a vintage 1920s garnet ring from the Czech Republic that I cherish.
favorite cheap eat …
recent discovery …
El Salvador… I went with no expectations except that it was going to be hot. Its natural beauty (volcanoes, beaches, and surfing) blew me away, as did the people.
I am fortunate to have met …
The designer Oscar de la Renta multiple times thanks to my travels while working at a fashion and beauty magazine. Hands down the nicest and most genuine famous person I’ve encountered.
I would like to meet …
Anthony Bourdain…. because, come on! He’s the coolest man on the planet! [ed. note. 3rd person in a row to say Anthony Bourdain. Wow. ]

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for sharing your travel inspiration and tips.
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