5 Minutes With Rob and Nat from Love and Road

For McCool Travel’s 142nd travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck (Rob and Nat) from Love and Road. Nat once owned a beauty salon and is a worldwide party animal (hello, Pitbull!). Rob worked in the shipping industry and is an adventure sport junkie. Together they are a fun and fascinating nomad couple. Check them out.
Love and Road‘s bio: “Nat and Rob are a Brazilian couple who decided to swap the “normal marriage life” for an endless adventure around the world. In 2014 they sold their stuff and became full-time travelers; so far they’ve visited 51 countries and have no plans to stop. With passion and determination, they changed their career and followed their dreams. Love and Road is their life project, a travel blog with inspiring ideas and travel tips, a unique way to explore the world, discover new cultures, meet new people, and write good stories.”

McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck
Love and Road: Rob and Nat of Love and Road in Macau

Rob and Nat of Love and Road

Hometown …
Our hometown is Itajaí in Southern Brazil although it doesn’t feel home anymore. I would say that Bangkok is very likely to become our home soon.
Always in my luggage …
My running shoes, running shorts, and my camera. Wherever we are I always go for a run, it’s my therapy. During our first 3 years traveling the world I managed to race the Paris Marathon, the Singapore Marathon, one half marathon in Chiang Mai, one half marathon in Angkor Wat, and one Ironman in Malaysia. Natalie can’t travel without her MacBook, her make up, and running shoes. She is quite the workaholic but I’m dragging her to run with me.
3 favorite home-away-from-home places …
Bangkok, Canggu, and Istanbul. Three totally different places that stole our hearts.

  1. At first sight we hated Bangkok, after the third visit we learned how to love that city, counting the days to return.
  2. Canggu was a different story, we loved since the first minute we arrived there. There is a different and relaxed vibe in Bali, the food is delicious, and we have great waves.
  3. Istanbul is chaotic, challenging, and rewarding. We spent 2 months living there and we certainly could return to stay for one year.

A favorite travel memory is …
The sunset over the Sahara Desert, it was tough to climb that sand dune but totally worth it. For sure one of the most spectacular sunsets we have ever seen.

McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck
Rob and Nat of Love and Road in Morocco

3 favorite travel brands …

  1. AirBnb, we use it a LOT. Its so easy and safe to book a place for a month or so.
  2. Turkish Airlines, our favorite airline. Their service is always impeccable, we never experienced a flight delay and their network is excellent. We prefer to spend an extra 100 bucks and fly with Turkish Airlines.
  3. Skyscanner, such a great tool to search for flights. The possibility to search to “everywhere” is amazing.

3 money-saving travel tactics I use (before trips) are …
Research, research and research. Whatever you need to know the internet will answer. So instead of heading to a destination without knowing about local prices, best areas to stay, eat and have fun, we devote a lot of time researching about it.
3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. enjoying the moment
  2. learning about the local culture
  3. having some beers

8 word (or less) travel mantra …
When we were planning our journey, we thought about starting our travels on December 2014, then we changed the date for August 2014, and finally we set to April 2014. There was one problem, I was training to race the Ironman Brazil (Long Distance Triathlon) on May 2014. After a lot of talks and thinking I’ve decided to give up and not race the competition. I was giving up something big for something bigger. And this become our mantra for everything. Life is made of choices and sometimes you need to give up something big for something bigger.

McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck
Robson Cadore of Love and Road running in Morocco

favorite non-travel website …
YouTube for sure! We always work listening to music and if in doubt how to do something there is always a tutorial.
favorite cheap eat …
Khao Soi in Northern Thailand
I would like to meet …
Anthony Bourdain, I absolutely love all his shows and books. The way he uses food to tell a story is amazing.

Thank you so much, Rob and Nat, for sharing your travel inspiration and tips.
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McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck
Natalie Deduck of Love and Road atop Mt. Batur in Bali

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