5 Minutes With Scott Eddy

For McCool Travel’s 89th travel profile, I am pleased to present Scott Eddy. Scott was recently ranked the 7th most influential brand in the Travel industry. He is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital nomad. I am honored Scott took a few minutes to share travel tips, inspiration, and memories with me.
Scott’s bio:
“Was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After high school, became a stockbroker for 10 years. Moved overseas in 1999, changed my mindset forever!! Now I am a Social Media Influencer for the travel industry, I work with travel brands all over the world, teaching them how to be more ‘social.'”

Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy

Scott Eddy

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Always in my luggage…
Laptop and GoPro
3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

  1. Bangkok
  2. Barcelona
  3. Lisbon

A favorite travel memory is…
donating clothes to families after the tsunami in Phuket, Thailand
3 favorite travel brands…

  1. Thai Airways
  2. Singapore Air
  3. Tumi

Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. utilize frequent flyer programs
  2. ask for upgrades when you get to the hotel/airport (more likely to get a yes)
  3. turn your location off when booking airline tickets online

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are…

  1. love meeting new people
  2. finding the best street food around
  3. always on the lookout for a daytime party

Scott Eddy conference
Scott Eddy

8 word (or less) travel mantra…
“Go big or don’t go at all.”
Favorite non-travel website …
robbreport.com elitetraveler.com cigaraficionado.com
Most memorable souvenir …
a shark’s tooth from Hawaii
Favorite cheap eat …
street food in Bangkok
Recent discovery …
I went to St. Augustine, Florida (the oldest city in America), haven’t been there since I was 12 years old. Wow, it’s like a whole new city now, very cool place.
I am fortunate to have met …
I had an amazing dinner with the Cuban Ambassador to Thailand one time, it was a great night.
I would like to meet …
nobody comes to mind
Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy: buzzing around the globe

Thank you very much, Scott, for taking the time to share your travel inspiration and tips.
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  1. Great interview Charles. Love hearing what other travel people are into.I haven’t been to St. Augustine since I was a kid either guess I have to give it another look see.

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